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Powersoft19 – At a Glance

A global leader in next generation digital services and IT consulting, we solve the toughest challenges in hardware design, systems engineering, embedded systems, cyber security, and quality assurance. We are agile and our refined services aid in rapid digital transformation to realize higher returns on investments. We comply with a plethora of international standards and our knowledge base spans the better part of 3 decades. Consequently, we can deliver innovation across many diverse industries.


Key Services

Embedded Systems

Controller programmed and measured
by a real-time operating
system (RTOS).

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Systems Engineering

A disciplined approach towards managing systems through learning and diagnosis.

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Protecting the integrity of networks and data from attack and unauthorized access.

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Internet of Things

Enabling people and business processes to communicate with each other.

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Hardware Engineering

Discovering and testing systems by embedding future trends in every hardware design.

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Quality Assurance

Ensuring optimal end-user experience through systematic analysis and testing

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Digital Experience

Understanding the end-user and maximizing customer experiences and benefits.

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Enterprise Applications

Improving the various systems of the enterprise functioning at optimum efficiency.

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Some of Our Certifications