Safety-Critical Embedded Hardware and Firmware

In compliance with industry-specific safety requirements


Securing Your Digital Frontier with
Next-Gen Cybersecurity

Empowering Enterprises with Peerless Expertise,
Protection, and Peace of Mind


Smart Data-Driven AI and RPA Solutions

Providing Artificial Intelligence Solutions to
Overcome Challenges of Industry 4.0


Industrial Internet of Things

Real-time, Global and Smarter Operations


Quality Assurance

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Powersoft19 – At a Glance

As a global leader in digital transformation, Powersoft19 solves the toughest challenges in embedded systems, custom hardware design, cybersecurity, and end-to-end automation. We have been committed to improving the world for our customers, partners, employees, and communities for over three decades. Our experts function as extended virtual teams that deliver long-term and sustainable business outcomes and also provide project-based engagements with flexible options. Contact us now to discover how we can build creative solutions and help you implement your strategy to realize your vision rapidly in 2023.


Key Services

Embedded Systems

Controller programmed and measured by a real-time operating system (RTOS).

Systems Engineering

A disciplined approach towards managing systems through learning and diagnosis.


Protecting the integrity of networks and data from attack and unauthorized access.

Internet of Things

Enabling people and business processes to communicate with each other.

Hardware Engineering

Discovering and testing systems by embedding future trends in every hardware design.

Quality Assurance

Ensuring optimal end-user experience through systematic analysis and testing.

Digital Experience

Understanding the end-user and maximizing customer experiences and benefits.

Enterprise Applications

Improving the various systems of the enterprise functioning at optimum efficiency.

Some of Our Certifications

Quality Management

Business Continuity Management System

Information Security Management

Software Engineering