Program Management

Creating programs to help provide direction, scope and program objectives

Project Management

Our accomplished hardware project engineering managers have more than 20,000 hours of experience in managing time, cost, quality, cross-functional teams, and technical risks of design projects. Powersoft19 guarantees you a transparent interface that maximizes the benefits of hardware development economics. Our effective relationship management leverages long distances, multiple time-zones, and diverse cultures to enrich the client experience beyond expectations. Our mature hardware engineering process equips us to meet the unique demands of diverse industries from Consumer Electronics to Safety-Critical Systems in sectors such as Rail, Mining, Gas Detection, Infotainment, Material Handling, Telecommunications, Powers, etc.

Product Life Cycle Management

During the last 20 years, Powersoft19 has accumulated valuable experience in product management while working with clients from numerous geographical areas and diverse market segments. We share this experience with our clients who need assistance in managing their products. We accomplish this by offering consultancy regarding foreseeing component life, coordinating with suppliers and achieving economies of scale by collaborating with the right manufacturing partners.

Product Life Cycle Management Capabilities

  • Integrated product requirements and implementation
  • MCAD and ECAD Design tools and process integration
  • Enterprise level management of ECAD and MCAD design data and parts libraries
  • Coordination of life cycle activities with suppliers
  • Implementation and maintenance of standard compliance
  • Digital prototyping
  • Incorporating of structured change processes
  • Management of electronics projects in tandem with the rest of the product life cycle