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Standard-Compliant Remote Control Systems

Freight rail is one of the safest and cleanest ways of transporting goods across long distances. Today’s rail operations are safer and more efficient due to the latest technology innovations. Powersoft19 helps corporations in the rail industry meet the modern world challenges by providing them standard-compliant firmware, hardware, and web-based application development services. Our technical expertise and domain knowledge of the European and North American railways makes us an accomplished service provider for the entire industry. Our designed Safety Integrity Level 3 (SIL 3) radio remote control systems are compliant with the following safety standards:

EN (European Norm) 61508



(Up to SIL 3)



(Up to SIL 3)



(Up to SIL 3)




Remote Control Locomotive Systems

Remote control locomotive systems offer a great value proposition for rail companies, workers, and end-users of rail services. The rail companies get optimum efficiency of operations; workers enjoy flexibility and security in their day-to-day tasks, while the end-users benefit from the efficient services and economic operations. Powersoft19 offers hardware and firmware development services for smooth communication coverage of remote locomotive systems.
These fail-safe applications can provide complete control of yard operations like switching. Our services guarantee to comply with the standards of the Association of American Railroads (AAR). The industry segments using these systems include railroads in North America, Australasia, Europe, and Gulf states.

Train Control System

Today there are abundant technologies for automating monitoring, access control, and management of critical operations. While beneficial for an issue, the mutual disharmony of the multiple technologies involved results in compromises in the compatibility and economy of the overall system.

We offer standard-compliant hardware, firmware, and software design services to take train control to the next level of automation. These server-based train control applications offer intelligent access control, communication integration, and user-friendly management and monitoring options. The complete development process complies with the safety standards of the Association of American Railroads (AAR).

Train Dynamics Modeling

Data insights and analysis uncover many untapped opportunities and open new gates to innovate operations for the industry. We offer simulation modeling based on analysis of longitudinal forces to simulate the vehicle track interface. Interaction of elements like track strength and creep forces, contact angles, and wheel rolling radii provide valuable insight into the optimization and safety of rail operations. Our simulation service offer insight for:

Capitalizing track strength
Protecting tracks from damage
Preventing and investigating derailment
Projecting loads distribution effects on track

Train Tracking

With billions of dollars invested in freight that is rolling around for thousands of miles, the railroad investors have an obvious reason to fret over the security of their capital. With our low-cost, highly reliable train tracking options, the stakeholders can keep track of their valuable assets throughout their journey. We offer many viable services for train tracking with active RFID tags to track lost cars. Our services are compliant with the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) safety standards.

Train Monitoring and Management

Economic cargo transportation is the hallmark of freight trains over long distances. However, this economy can be offset if the freight is vulnerable to damages like being lost. Freight trains frequently undergo sorting, storage, switching, and other activities – sometimes more than once – during their long hauls, increasing the probability of such damages. Vigilant monitoring of the rail during all these stages is the key to bringing security, efficiency, and economy to the overall rail operation.

We offer multiple FRA-compliant monitoring and management services based on various technologies like CDMA, GSM, RFID, and AEI tag tracking. The real-time information streamlines schedule management and asset tracking, leading to extremely efficient customer service. With the wise use of timely information, railroad companies see a remarkable reduction in idle time and overhead costs.