CureTel (A Web Management Solution)

Keeping patients in face-to-face contact with their doctors

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Encompasses a Range of Services or Systems that are at the Edge of Medicine/Healthcare and Information Technology

Powersoft19 recognizes the scope of telemedicine centers in developing countries like Pakistan. In areas where the number of specialized doctors is insufficient for a huge population, telemedicine centers are an excellent substitute for specialized doctors.

Our telemedicine system, Cure Tel, supports Tele-radiology, high-resolution X-rays, ultrasound, CT scans, MRIs, and ECGs. Voice examination of the lungs and heart beats are transmitted without any noise distortion. High-quality video conferencing option keeps the doctor & patient face to face.


  • Extended reach to world-class physicians irrespective of geographical distances
  • Cost-effective medical assistance
  • Reliable storage and transfer of medical data
  • User-friendly graphics for easier processing
  • Latest audio/video conferencing for rich user experience