Virtual Learning System (VLS)

Step up the learning process in an online environment

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A Set of Teaching and Learning Tools Designed to Enhance a Student’s Learning Experience by Including Online Communication in the Process

We live in an exciting period of personal empowerment where people take their learning to a new level with the help of online learning options. With our online university software, Virtual Learning System (VLS), we enable people to learn the way they want. VLS is flexible enough to work with any educational or training approach that utilizes the open-ended dialogue between trainer and learner in an online environment.

VLS makes the role of trainer much easier by simplifying the teaching process so that the trainers can concentrate on training. Once the system is set up, the trainer can manage the ongoing learning process according to the specific requirements of the learner. The trainer has the power to organize events, respond to the learners’ needs, and provide various forms of assistance.

The user-friendly graphical interface enriches the learning and teaching experience. The options to add lessons initiate discussions, and review student performance to make the application an excellent choice for collaborative online learning.


  • Personalized relationship between the trainer and trainee
  • Long-term management of knowledge
  • More meaningful learning experience for students
  • Communication and collaboration at an individual level