Embedded Systems Design

High-end embedded systems design services unique to your needs


When the stakes in a product involve human life, the highest level of quality and safety is required. Businesses must meet a highly challenging set of requirements combined with rigorous quality standards and the competitive markets of today and tomorrow. Powersoft19’s product development team provides high-end engineering services to develop safety-critical embedded systems based on your unique specifications. Our comprehensive embedded systems design services comply with the industry’s most demanding standards in addition to the global quality standards. Our experts have already deciphered the complex and stringent requirements of safety-critical sectors, giving a valuable head start to our clients. We work with strict quality assurance guidelines to design and create safety-critical embedded systems, hardware, and firmware that can operate in various OS and RTOS environments suitable to your needs.

Embedded Systems Design Services

Embedded systems are an integral part of a larger mechanical or electrical system that consists of hardware, firmware, and software, to perform a specific or pre-defined task. Powersoft19 can help design and develop safety-critical embedded systems for businesses operating in various industries. Our product development team assists our clients with the design and development of embedded systems through each phase of product development. Whether you need a turnkey solution for existing product upgrades or require trained engineers to augment your team for completing the tasks, we are ready to assist you.

Embedded Firmware Expertise

Our prolific team has vast knowledge and expertise in embedded firmware development. Not only do we cater to different OS and RTOS platforms, but also provide simpler solutions to complex industrial challenges for our clients. Our team also conceptualizes the development of the firmware from the early stages until its completion and release.

Holistic Firmware Development Services

Powersoft19’s multi-disciplinary team provides holistic firmware development services that raise the system’s overall performance and quality. Our standardized work processes empower us to deliver robust complex solutions and products that meet the demands of smart technologies and intelligent devices of today’s IoT era.

BSP and Firmware

  • Boot Loader Porting and Hardening
  • OS/RTOS Porting
  • Minimum Kernel/ OSAL Support
  • Device Driver Development
  • Power and Memory Footprint Optimizations
  • Boot-Time Reduction
  • File System Integration
  • Hardware Abstraction Layer
  • FPGA/CPLD Based Digital Logic Designs and IP Cores
  • Firmware Development for Wireless Products


  • Audio and video codecs, video streaming, video data processing
  • Embedded GUI (Graphical User Interface) subsystems
  • FM-RDS, navigation, GSM/GPRS, Bluetooth profiles, WLAN supplicant
  • Field bus protocol stacks like CANopen, J1939, DeviceNet, Profibus, PROFINET etc.
  • Embedded file system libraries
  • Network stacks implementing protocols like: ICMP, IPv4 & IPv6, BOOTP, DHCP, TFTP, POP3, SMTP, SNMP, Telnet, HTTP, FTP, NAT, NFS, SOCKS, SSH, iSCSI, SMB, CIFS, RTP, RTCP
  • Management Protocol: SNMP V1, V2c, AgentX



Embedded systems perform essential tasks consistently, minimizing the need for hardware changes.


Embedded systems outshine standalone and general-purpose computers, offering reliability in critical operations.


They can run on older or less sophisticated operating systems, reduce frequent updates, and ensure uninterrupted services.

Tools and Technologies

Industry Applications



Material Handling


Gas Detection


IDEs and Compilers

Microsoft Visual Studio, Visual GDB, Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers, Freescale CodeWarrior IDE, Silicon Labs Simplicity Studios, MPLAB X IDE,
Compilers: CodeSourcery toolchain gnu c/ C++ for m68k and ARM9

Code Analysis

LDRA, PC-Lint, FlexLint, SQMLint, Source Monitor


JTAG, J-Link, Ethernet, CAN2.0, RS-232/422/485, SPI, I2C, One-Wire, USB2.0, SD/SDIO/MMC/SDHC, CAN 802.11a/b/g, Bluetooth, GSM, CDMA, TCP/IP, Modbus, CANOpen, J1939, DeviceNet, Profibus, PROFINET, FAT16/32

Microcontrollers/ Microprocessors

(R8C, M16C, M32C, RX, SH77xx)

(ARM9, ARM11)

(PIC18, PIC32, dsPIC33)


(Coldfire 548X)

Case Study


This case study demonstrates the powerful role of firmware in today’s technology-oriented business landscape with reference to one of our valuable clients from the instrumentation and automation industry. Our client had a good standing in the market for their industrial remote controls, and they supply their products to most of the major rail and material handling companies in the North American region.


The visionary leadership of our client saw an opportunity in the upcoming wave of intelligent devices and engaged Powersoft19 for help with realizing their goal of keeping the product line relevant in the future. Powersoft19 experts devised a roadmap of upgrading the industrial remote controls with feature-rich M2M communication systems of IoT intelligent devices.


We provided an embedded firmware design and development services package that also included embedded hardware design, testing, and maintenance of the upgraded product line. Our innovative services enriched the existing remote-control products offered by our client with remote monitoring, control, and diagnostics options. This capability of remote operations added unmatched cost savings over a span of more than 20 years during which we supported the new industrial M2M communication systems and continually added new features to them. The gradual and consistent upgrading built a robust product platform in step with the upcoming trends of Industrial IoT.

Business Outcome

The outcome of this partnership was rewarding for our client in terms of both savings and sales. Our client was able to save approximately $8 million annually on operational costs because of our cost-effective bundled services. Their dominance in industrial remote controls and automation sectors of the Rail and Material Handling industries was cemented even further due to innovative products, adding more value to their prestigious brand.