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Manage Ever-Growing Data with Expert Virtualization Services

The world’s stored data almost doubles every 2 years. Most IT professionals can vouch for the authenticity of this trend from their own experience of managing the ever-growing data even at the level of a single organization. Similar exponential increase in IT infrastructure requirements is the norm in most of IT networking and data management fields. Therefore, virtualization is a necessity of the day! Virtualization is one of the most effective solutions to tackle the challenge of increasing size and complexity of networking and IT infrastructure requirements. Data virtualization carried out by experts significantly improves a system’s scalability, agility, visibility, and cost-effectiveness. That is why, according to an estimate; almost 70% organizations today are opting for virtualized operations to stay competitive and responsive to the market speed.

Virtualization Performance Enhancement

Powersoft19’s IT experts provide virtualization services that enable performance enhancement in various aspects of the business. Our team has expertise in implementing virtualization and cloud computing by integrating technologies provided by all the leading software/system providers:

  • VMWare (ESXi, vCenter)
  • MS (Hyper V)
  • Merge Technologies (Flexpod, V block)

Key Services

  • Server Consolidation
  • Physical to Virtual Conversion
  • Resource Pooling
  • High Availability/Fault Tolerance
  • Site Recovery Management
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Server Consolidation

Underutilized servers, especially when in great number, are a huge drain on a company’s resources. Our experts resolve such issues, commonly referred to as server sprawl, with server consolidation to optimize the server usage. Our calculated approach of resource requirements enables us to come up with a balanced server configuration that prevents over and under provision and saves in terms of both hardware and operational costs.

Resource Pooling

A key use of data virtualization is resource pooling and multitenancy that enables the sharing of resources for an efficient network. In this strategy, we dynamically assign users to a network/server and enable the existing infrastructure to serve a larger pool of customers without scaling the hardware.

Physical to Virtual Conversion

Once you have decided to adopt data virtualization, the inevitable question would be how to undertake the conversion from a physical server to a virtual platform? That is where our experts take the load off your shoulders and carry out the migration of Operating System (OS), applications, and data from your physical server to the virtual server that you have designated. Regardless of the vendor of the virtual platform, our team will guide you all the way until the successful conversion. To ensure a glitch-free conversion, we use reliable automated Physical to Virtual (P2V) tools.

High Availability/Fault Tolerance

If uptime is critical for your business, we offer consultancy about fault-tolerant systems and high availability systems. Our experts will guide you in picking the best system in terms of cost and service quality for your needs. You may leverage our IT managed services of integration, maintenance, and support services for high availability and fault tolerance systems.

  • Site Recovery Management
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Virtual Desktop enables value of a customized personal desktop along with the added security of a centralized management.