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RF Electronics

An evolving technology, Radio Frequency (RF) electronics designs are finding their use in new and innovative ways in various industries. Along with the traditional use of RF in communications, access control and animal tracking, new market segments like automotive vehicle identification, supply chain management and airport luggage logistics are also making use of this technology.

When it comes to RF, Powersoft19 offers both RF engineering consulting for all stages of your product development lifecycle or a turnkey-solution. Our RF engineers have extensive expertise and passion for engineering creative solutions. We can work with your wireless technology or suggest the right technology to fit your specific requirements.

RF Design Capabilities

  • Short-range wireless transceiver designs
  • Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Zigbee and 6LoWPAN
  • Broadband and narrow band receiver design
  • Single and co-located radio designs
  • Low power RF telemetry and control

Analog Electronics

The precision of the design can make or break analog electronics. On the other hand, analog designs are inherently complex. To balance functionality and efficiency amid this complexity is the work of an imaginative engineer. Our engineers build precise analog electronic designs that are employed in power supplies, audio signal processing systems, sensor interfaces and data acquisition systems. We combine our design services with prototyping and simulation services to deliver a complete solution to our clients.

The systems designed by us are very precise in their output and effectively manage the problem of signal to noise ratio. You can benefit from our quality design services complemented with prototyping and simulation services.

Analog Electronics Design Capabilities

  • Low noise and high efficiency circuit design
  • Precision measurement techniques
  • Audio system design
  • SPICE circuit modeling and analysis
  • Sensors and interfacing
  • Noise and TDMA noise suppression in audio circuits
  • A2D and D2A conversion
  • Class D power amplifier circuits
  • Low Power and Wideband designs
  • Data Acquisition

Power Electronics

Powersoft19 hardware engineering team architects a diverse array of power control and conversion designs to realize the optimum balance between reliability, cost, and time-to-market requirements. We have been successfully delivering board level power supplies capable of delivering a few hundred watts, as well as hybrid renewable energy power converters handling several hundred kilowatts.

Power Electronics Capabilities

  • Power supply and analog conversion circuit topologies
  • Ruggedized indoor and outdoor enclosures
  • Grid-tied, off-grid, and backup battery management
  • Structural, thermal, and EMC design
  • Energy metering and remote monitoring
  • Digital control and digital power conversion
  • Wireless power chargers
  • Multi-chemistry battery charger and fuel gauge circuits

Digital Electronics

The creation of a standard-compliant product requires accuracy in each development phase and seamless integration from one phase to another. Starting from product and subsystem requirements, our hardware engineering team adds value to each subsequent phase until a successful productive transition. Some of the major industries that use our designed equipment are healthcare, instrumentation, gas detection, oil & gas, material handling and rail.

Digital Board Design Capabilities

  • 8051, PIC, ARMS. ARM Cortex, and Cold Fire designs
  • FPGA and CPLD D3880 designs
  • Digital signal processor-based designs
  • SDRAM, DDR1, DDR2. DDR3 and QDR interfaces
  • NOR Flash and NAND flash-based designs
  • Fiber channel and Gigabit Ethernet interfaces
  • High-speed and 10 GHz+ signals
  • PCI, PCle, and PCI-X interfaces
  • ModelSim simulation
  • LVTTL, LVDS, and CML
  • Ultra-low power design and energy optimization
  • Application-specific customized designs

PCB Layout

From wearable electronics to on-board electronics of locomotives and space crafts, Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) are the backbone of every electronic system. To design PCBs that fulfill such diverse systems’ requirements, our designers adopt a scalable and systematic approach. At Powersoft19, we design PCBs by using the latest tools and technologies to guarantee compliance with international quality standards.

Powersoft19 can engage with you in a variety of models regarding PCB Layout design, ranging from a virtual extension of your PCB design team to a tag-team fashioned PCB design collaboration to turnkey delivery of the complete design.

PCB Design Capabilities

  • PTH/SMT and HDI layout designs up to 32 layers with layout densities above 200 pins per sq. inch
  • 100% manual routing and design partitioning among multiple teams
  • Radial layouts, flex/rigid, and non-standard geometries
  • High-speed and high-density digital, analog, RF, power, and mixed-signal designs
  • Complex high-speed systems for low power and noise-sensitive devices
  • Intrinsically safe PCB designs
  • EMI and EMC protection
  • Single-ended and differential impedance control
  • Fine pitch layout (0.4 mm and below)

Electronic Packaging

The hallmarks of today’s electronic systems are their high density, complexity and miniaturized size. To support such competitive list of features in a system, the packaging designs must meet all technical challenges arising as a result of these requirements. In fact, high quality packaging assists the system performance by facilitating thermal management, signal distribution, serviceability, manufacturing and power distribution. The Powersoft19 hardware engineering team includes SolidWorks and Autodesk certified engineers dedicated to overseeing the electronic packaging aspects of the projects. Our electronic packaging services incorporate reliability engineering and industrial design best practices to deliver the best quality packaging. Our expertise includes sheet metal and plastic enclosures, tooling, 3D printing, thermal management and design. The successful track record of our team in electronic packaging ranges from space-constrained wearable electronics design to thermally-critical power electronics modules and everything in-between.

Electronic Packaging Capabilities

  • Packaging Design
    • Sheet Metal and Plastic Enclosures
    • 3D Modeling
    • Metal and Plastic Casting, Plastic 3D Printing
    • Thermal Analysis
    • Prototyping
    • Ergonomics
    • Concept and Graphics Generation
  • Manufacturing Readiness
    • Tooling Management
    • Tooling Cost/Risk Analysis
    • Vendor Evaluation and Selection
  • Thermal Design
    • Thermal Architecture
    • Thermal Analysis using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Modeling
    • Board-Level Thermal Design
    • Heat sink Designs, Selection and Customization