Safety-critical Systems

Comprehensive, reliable, and fail-safe solutions

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Reliable Solutions for Safety-critical Systems

Designing and integrating completely reliable systems for safety-critical environment requires cross-functioning teams with industry-specific training as well as knowledge of safety-critical best practices. Powersoft19’s organizational structure of independent yet closely collaborating teams makes this feat possible. Our extended network of researchers engaged in academia of various industrial and engineering domains also empowers us with in-depth knowledge and latest research in these disciplines. This collaborative and flexible organizational hierarchy is the key that enables us to provide integrated and streamlined safety-critical systems in various domains.

Designing, Integration, Consultancy

One-Stop Solution for Safety-critical Systems

Powersoft19’s safety-critical systems development services are one-stop solutions for our clients. We provide matchless quality services for safety-critical system designing, integration, and consultancy. To increase the safety of system operations, our engineers make special efforts to keep the design as simple as possible. The simplicity of design minimizes error probability and enhances the testability of the system. The quality of system integration is ensured by carrying out verification and validation of each phase of the system development.

Key Benefits

Guaranteed Quality

The need of having the best quality for safety-critical systems can never be over emphasized. We guarantee to comply with the highest international standards set by the industry for these systems.

Proven Track Record

Our experienced engineers have been part of highly successful safety-critical embedded solutions over the past few decades. The track record of our teams is impeccable and promises huge success and pleasant experience for prospective clients.


We take utmost care to include our clients in the design and decision-making process to ensure maximum client satisfaction and give them cost, time and performance efficient solutions.