Goal-oriented, audience-focused and highly customized solutions

Business Growth with Online eLearning

Powersoft19’s corporate eLearning solutions improve staff development by keeping learning engaging, relevant and impactful. Our training solutions allow businesses to stay competitive by providing training that will fit your business goals and strategy. According to www.technavio.com the global E-learning market size will grow by USD 115.82 billion during 2018-2022 with participants from all walks of life including business leaders, managers, professionals etc. Our integrated corporate learning solutions are truly state of the art with a focus on interactivity, online availability and mobile compatibility.

Online Micro Learning

Many companies are turning to Microlearning to train and educate their employees in new age technologies. This new method of learning refers to breaking down a course into smaller units that consists of videos, texts, infographics etc. Each segment of the smaller unit includes quizzes and gamification in order to test the trainee on the knowledge acquired. Microlearning is also expected to be extensively used in the education sector

Trainee Benefits

Microlearning courses to accelerate education
Custom built trainings to fit your schedule
Enjoyable learning with self-paced and engaging content
Employee Sense of achievement and accomplishment

eLearning Content Development

Every institution seeks to produce the best out of their teams. Systems and policies are put in place to bring about structure within the organization. Powersoft19 helps companies accelerate their growth by learning about their vision, culture and what they hope to achieve. In this way we can create custom built eLearning trainings for their employees.

2D Animation

Animations make the training easier to grasp, engaging, and fun for everyone. As much as trainees enjoy watching animated objects and models, we love creating them. A play on typography, product image, or a friendly character on the screen adds value to the virtual learning experience.

3D Visualization

If you would like to show intricate details of a technical system, a tedious process or a precise model then 3D simulations are your best choice. We recommend 3D simulations where the trainee needs to understand how a system works and the process journey. The exciting experience of 3D visualization helps accelerate the trainees learning and knowledge.

Device Agnostic, LMS Compliant Apps

Powersoft19 eLearning solutions work seamlessly across all major smart devices and learning management systems. We develop trainings by following SCORM (Shareable Content Object Reference Model) to give our clients the flexibility of selecting any Learning Management System for their training project.

Learning Platforms Consultancy

The LMS (Learning Management Systems) market is expected to be worth over $15.72 billion in 2021 (elearningindustry). Powersoft19’s eLearning team brings valuable hands-on experience of incorporating eLearning and trainings across various learning platforms. We offer free consultancy to our clients who are not sure of which Learning Management System (LMS) to use. We will guide you in deciding whether to pay for an LMS, use an open source, and get it hosted or deployed among many other considerations. You will be able to meet your organizational needs and upgrade trainee skills within the budget of the eLearning project.