Website Development

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Dynamic Web Development Services

Powersoft19 works to present your best face to your target market. This includes designing a web presence that will work seamlessly on desktop and mobile devices. Our sites are user-friendly and easy to manage and work flawlessly with online channels like social media and digital marketing. Our choice of color, font, navigation, readability etc. also helps in retaining the user’s attention for a longer duration.

Web Content and Content Writing

The phrase ‘content is king’ signifies the difference between good and effective content writing. In Powersoft19, content has become a central pivot in many design activities including web design. Before generating content, we go through a phase called ‘ideation’. Ideation is where we discuss the approach towards writing a piece and what key points to consider in order to make it a winning article. Content writing involves the skill marketer’s call ‘buyer persona’. This is when the content writer understands their audience and with this mindset, he is able to translate their thoughts into words. When this happens, we can not only generate winning content but also a winning product. The result is a win-win situation for your client and your brand, bringing in highly engaged and well-informed visitors.

UI UX Design Process

The last decade has been an important one for the design industry. A lot has changed in visual design with designers becoming more aware of the systematic and logical aspect of design. Web interfaces now use a design process called User Interface Design (UI) which is concerned with the surface look and feel of the overall design. Another interesting addition is User Experience Design (UX) which encompasses the complete experience of using any digital product such as a website, mobile app, catalogue etc. Both the UI and the UX go together and give the designer focus and clarity in creating a product which will retain the customer’s attention for a long time.

Testing and QA

With an independent quality assurance department, Powersoft19 web solutions come with a guarantee of the best quality. Our web designs (whether for websites or web applications) are tested for compatibility, usability, accessibility, and technical functionalities for seamless user experience.

Web Development

Once the design is final the website will go through a process of web development. During this process web developer will use code languages, different web tools and platforms to convert the web design into a functional website. Depending upon every client’s individual requirement we select development platforms from a variety of open source options such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and DotNetNuke.

Key Features

Form follows function
Search engine friendly
Responsive for multiple devices
On time delivery

Support and Maintenance

Building long-term relationships are the mantra of our team. We love keeping our relationship with clients alive even after their website’s launch. We are happy to help with website performance tracking, website expansion, issue tracking, regular maintenance, and anything that comes up after website launch.