Our Core Team

People – our binding force, our competitive edge

The Exceptional Powersoft19 Team

The confidence and trust that Powersoft19’s clients put in our company is an outcome of the untiring efforts of our team members. The vision of Powersoft19’s leadership is to make team members own the company as their own. We believe that the true passion for work comes from within rather than by tempting a person with only monetary gains. The self-respect and satisfaction we feel in accomplishing a worthwhile task fuel our passion for the work.
Conflicts are inevitable in a team, but we turn conflicts into contests of differing points of view through which only the best ideas survive. This mindset to risk the individual glory for team performance is what makes this organization a family. Following are the brief descriptions of our core team members with this visionary approach:

Ahmad Hassan Zaidi

In all the years of his experience in the global software development industry, Ahmad Hassan has successfully delivered many large-scale projects as a producer and consultant for clients such as Citigroup, GMAC, Boston University, Zurich Scudder, and Primerica to name a few. Ahmad’s professional goal is to deliver complete solutions to clients starting from initial concepts of the project through software requirements, high-level system design, and all the way to deployment and client acceptance/signoffs. His most recent interests involve creating adaptable GUIs for cloud-based enterprise collaborative apps that meet the changing business requirements and provide a high-impact web experience through scalable rich media Interfaces.

Ali Khan Sherwani

Ali has been a key member of the Powersoft19 team for as long we can remember. He has done Master’s in Computer Science and is a PIQC certified ISO internal auditor. His eye for detail and excellence in managing everything from the big picture to specific project facts has made him a strong leader for the Quality Assurance Department at Powersoft19. Ali has been brilliantly leading his department to assist our clients through quality induction and dynamic scheduling of resources to achieve outstanding deliveries. His administrative attributes have empowered him to coach QA team leads, engineers, and testers in multiple technology areas. Using his analytical approach towards large-scale projects, his teams skillfully addressed software quality issues for our clients around the world. He has substantial global experience in delivering safety-critical solutions that ensure European and North American regulatory standards compliance in various industries. He specializes in managing enterprise project management, quality control, and configuration management.

Asif Rehmat

Asif brought years of experience to our company in multiple disciplines of engineering, project management, and product development to the company. His knowledge of managing engineering projects has been an asset to Powersoft19. His expertise lies in bridging the technical, communication, and cultural gaps in the global teams. He has been involved in the success of various safety-critical projects from inception to delivery. He has managed firmware, hardware, and desktop application projects at Powersoft19. Asif had been a faculty member of the University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore. He has been involved in the development of solder-paste inspection systems, 3D algorithms for contact-less height measurement, image processing algorithm development, embedded solutions, optics, and desktop applications.

Ateeque Ahmad

Ateeque is a science graduate and holds decades of diverse IT experience. His areas of expertise are project management, M2M, web application development, computer networks, and communication. He managed projects for many local and US-based companies. More recently, he has been involved with providing scalable and reliable M2M solutions to US-based clients. He has many premium Microsoft certifications.

Faaiz Rahim Khan

Faaiz is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and completed his MBA from the University of California at Berkeley. Faaiz is highly experienced in Textiles, Agriculture, and Construction. He is a founding director of Powersoft19. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Data Agro Limited, a leader in the hybrid corn development and delinking of cottonseed. He also heads Kescon Engineering, developing real estate projects. Faaiz is an avid polo enthusiast.

Faisal Masood

Faisal is an electrical engineer with an exponential amount of System Design & Development experience in Powersoft19. He has been involved in the successful delivery of multiple projects. He is a domain expert in requirements analysis and interpretation, the layout of firmware design, requirements traceability, MISRA C compliance, firmware complexity analysis, and test coverage analysis. His successful projects include Remote Control Locomotive (RCL) Feature Additions, Remote Monitoring, and Diagnostics for RCL Systems, Train Dynamics Simulations, Yard Automation, and New Product Development for North American Railroad Market. Faisal has worked on Machine Vision Systems, Motion Control Systems, Multi-channel Data Acquisition Systems, Asset Tracking and Management Systems, Reconfigurable Computing, and Hardware Logic Design.

Marianne Tanguy

Marianne is a graduate of the HEC School of Management in Paris and the University of California at Berkeley as well as ESADE in Barcelona within the HEC International Management Program. Marianne is based in Paris and she is leading Powersoft19’s software technology business development and marketing ventures in Europe. She is highly experienced in the Financial Sector (retail banking and insurance) in global organizations like Citi, HSBC, Alico/AIG, Aviva, and Zurich Group Insurance as well as a management consultant with Bossard Consultants / Gemini Consulting. She is an expert in Wealth Management, retail distribution networks management, sales effectiveness, bank distribution, restructuring, and international business development as well as in identifying software technology needs. She enjoys skiing, jogging, and traveling.

Mohsin Naseer

Mohsin has vast experience in the IT Industry with a proven track record of delivering multiple successful projects. He holds a Master’s degree in Electronics and Business Administration. He has worked for multinationals like Philips Semiconductors USA and LAN-WAN Technologies, Australia. He has been involved in creating DO-178 B Level A processes for delivering safety-critical embedded systems and managing software development teams according to those processes while ensuring that all necessary documentation for regulatory authorities is properly created and communicated. His area of expertise is managing Software Development teams, Safety-Critical Systems Development Processes, IP studies, and managing peoples’ expectations. While at Powersof19 he has delivered multiple projects such as Remote-Control Locomotive Systems Development for North American Railroads, Train Dynamics Simulator, and Trainers, Intellectual Property Study for Train Control Systems, Patent Writing, and Remote Monitoring. His areas of interest are Intellectual Property Studies, Patents, Commercial Licensing of Software Products, Cloud Computing, and Marketing on the Web. He is an ardent literature fan and loves to spend his free time reading books. He is a proud father of three, conflict resolution among his kids takes his ample free time and requires all his management expertise.

Muhammad Abubukr

Abubukr has completed his BS degree from Punjab University and MS degree from Hamdard University, Pakistan. He is experienced in the Information Technology business and has held various high-level positions in software engineering. He has successfully delivered several enterprise-level projects as a consultant to clients in the US, UK, Australia, and New Zealand. Abubukr is an IBM Certified SOA Solution Designer, Object-Oriented Analyst & Designer (Sun Microsystems/Oracle certified), and a Certified Java Programmer (Brainbench). He has proven ability at management and technical level with experience of providing input into both technical and business strategies. He has experience in multiple industries and business domains. His specialties include the development of Team Leads, Process Improvement/Change Management, People Management, and Team Motivation, and delivering mission-critical business software solutions using cutting-edge tools/technologies like Java, J2EE, SOA, Spring, Hibernate, C-Sharp, Web Services, Oracle, Linux, etc.

Muhammad Ahmad

Mr. Ahmad has an extensive experience working in the technology consulting industry. He has worked in Pakistan, Singapore, Germany, and the USA on various mission-critical projects. Before joining Powersoft19, he worked for a German-based company “Evygo GmbH”, a mobile commerce solution provider. At Evygo, he was responsible for the design of a framework for “Evygo Extra” and “Evygo Intra” (Products of Evygo). He worked for a Singapore-based company “Abacus International” a leader in providing travel solutions where he played an important role in designing and developing Kris Flyer (a frequent Flier System) for Singapore Airlines and a loyalty system for Dragon Airlines. In Pakistan, he worked for Sphinx Software where he designed and developed the Web Dimensions product for the US healthcare industry for the First Report of Injury of Workers. It supports different requirements for all 50 US states. His areas of expertise are software project management and component-based designing. He possesses a unique blend of drive and objectivity and is on his way to make Powersoft19 the most productive and prominent software house in Pakistan. He played the role of project manager on several projects. Mr. Ahmad holds a BSc degree in Computer Sciences from FAST Institute of Computer Science and a Masters’s degree in business administration from IBA, Pakistan.

Sajid Anjum

Sajid is one of the key members of Powersoft19. Till today he has successfully delivered multiple software solutions for enterprise applications and embedded systems. The key to Sajid’s success is his strong leadership skills, excellent ability to motivate and develop individuals, his forward-thinking attitude, strong communication skills, and extensive experience in safety-critical systems. His areas of experience include software development, product integration, and project management for distributed energy management systems and wireless remote-control systems. His specialties include the development of Team Leads, Process Improvement/Change Management, People Management, and Team Motivation, and delivering mission-critical business software solutions using cutting edge tools/technologies like Java, J2EE, SOA, Spring, Hibernate, C-Sharp, Web Services, Oracle, Linux, etc.

Shaukat Mahmood

Shaukat Mahmood is an IT professional with diversified experience. He has years of experience in Oracle E-Business. He is Certified by Oracle Corporation on Release 12. He is also an Oracle Financial Subject-Mater-Expert and ERP Software Selection, expert for implementation and upgrades. He holds a BS in Mathematics & Computer Science and MS in Information Systems from the University of Illinois, USA. He has worked for clients in the Financial Institutions, Electronic Manufacturing, Steel Making, and Oil and Gas industries in the USA, Mexico, Qatar, and UAE. His professional experience includes managing the Corporate Application and Support team responsible for the 24/7 operation of organizations supported by Oracle ERP: Financials, HRMS, Cost Management, iProcurement, team, iStore, iSupplier, Inventory, and Manufacturing powered by multiple servers and protected by state-of-the-art security. His experience spans all aspects of software development, implementation, IT management, and administration. He has participated in and managed about 11 end-to-end implementations, upgrades, and migration from mainframe legacy systems. Shaukat Mahmood is leading Powersoft19’s ERP division and marketing ventures in North America, Europe, and the Middle East. He is a business-savvy IT professional with strong leadership and hands-on technical expertise. His financial, resource management, presentation, negotiation, and technical process re-engineering expertise are an asset for Powersoft19.

Sofia Safi

Sofia is one of the founding members and senior executives at Powersoft19. She leads our business relationship-building efforts throughout the USA. Her entrepreneurial spirit and social networking expertise enable us in forging valuable business alliances for Powersoft19. Her influence in the market has been vital in establishing many strategic partnerships for the company in the region. She has a keen eye for spotting business opportunities and an intuitive skill of realizing those opportunities as a win-win proposition for all stakeholders. She started her career with IBM Atlanta and since then has gathered numerous accomplishments as an executive and entrepreneur. Her globally diversified profile includes experience as a business founder in sectors such as Information Technology, Biotechnology, Real Estate Investment, and Natural Products. In 1994, she founded CMA Consulting, a multimillion-dollar IT consulting company. The company’s vision is to connect corporations with skilled resources around the globe. CMA Consulting’s clients include IBM, Coca-Cola, Suntrust, Equifax, Ga Pacific, NY Railroad, and many medium and small companies. Her other notable business ventures include:

  • Buckhead Realty Investment Group, a commercial and investment real estate company
  • Dr. Hanz natural supplement, a unique superior quality natural product that is currently marketed in USA and Africa
  • Rob and Hood, a collaboration platform partnering non-profit with for-profit resources

Vince Mazzurco

Vince has a BS in Computer Science from Kennesaw State University, USA, and Computer Programming and Analysis Diploma, from Seneca College, Canada. He has substantial experience in all areas of application development combined with a broad understanding of development methods, tools, CRM (Customer Relation Management) products, and technology. He has knowledge in the following industries/clients: direct marketing, insurance, payroll, government industries, manufacturing, distribution, hardware volume products, inventory, telephony support, call centers, inquiry systems, Order Entry, Data Warehousing, Used Car Parts, Healthcare and back-office item processing (check image capture). He provided and set technical direction for application development solutions, standards, processes, and tools. Vince possesses expertise in database managers (i.e. DB2 and IMS), transaction managers (i.e. CICS, IMS, and TSO), Call Center Solutions for ROLM and LUCENT switches, and data modeling (Logical and Physical). He provided IT Consulting and delivered project plans for Y2K projects. He assisted in structuring the planning and architecture group of newly formed companies. He integrated and planned Call Center projects that addressed Telecommunications and Computer Telephony Integration. He also implemented and Customized Customer Management tools to increase productivity and efficiencies. Vince has received numerous marketing excellence, special contribution, team contribution, and client responsiveness awards.

Zeeshan Khan

Zeeshan is a highly experienced Project Manager and manages software projects of various enormities. He has worked with leading manufacturing companies and top business organizations of the USA, UK, and Italy. Before joining Powersoft19, he worked at TEK’RIDGE as a Senior Software Engineer/Technical Team Lead in developing software for industrial automation and the E-Commerce domain. He successfully delivered EN 50128 compliant safety critical solution for European railroad, “Real-time Quotation System” for Hilmangrant Motors Company, UK, and solutions like automated Production/Supply Chain System for Mehzu Textiles, Italy. His expertise includes Object-Oriented Analysis and Component-based Design, CSharp, Java, Java Beans, COM, DCOM, C/C++, XML, IIS, MTS, and Rational Suite of Products. He holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from Hamdard University.