Product Visualization and Simulation

Visualizing product designs from concept to reality

Product Rendering

Powersoft19’s 3D product rendering visualization and simulation services let you design, market, and manufacture a product from just an idea. A product is created in 3D modelling software and then rendered using materials and lighting to create a photo or non-photo representation of the subject. Similarly, 3D simulations describe a complete story including a concept, process and functionality of a system or solution.

3D Product Visualizations and Simulations

Powersoft19’s product rendering team converts ideas and concepts into sleek visualizations by using 3D rendering, virtual reality and immersion tools and technologies. Our team of storytellers and artists combine their talents and build custom multimedia solutions to satisfy your target audience. The goal is to produce visualizations, which will accurately analyze your product and lead to a better understanding of the product.

3D Modeling for Engineering and Industrial Systems

3D modeling has changed the way we look at things. It has helped designers visualize space requirements and recognize any glitches before building the prototype. Our 3D specialty focuses towards engineering systems and industrial product visualizations. We use advanced tools such as SolidWorks to model complicated engineering products and bring them to life. We utilize our prototyping capabilities, testing and evaluation methods to bring immaculate precision to the product development process. Some of our capabilities include:

  • Mechanical Design
  • Prototype Development
  • Modeling and Simulation
  • 3D printing to visualize space, movement, and proportion

Uses of 3D Models

  • 3D printing
  • Industrial products’ prototyping (i.e. we can replace prototypes with accurate 3D models)
  • Marketing material, e.g. 3D models and images to be used in brochures/animations before the product is manufactured
  • Tutorials and other training material for end-users

3D Simulation and Animation

3D visualization and animation enhance the design process where both the client and the design team benefit from visual clarity and accuracy. 3D simulated models, which are animated, provide a seamless display of how one part moves in relation to the other. We use 3ds Max as our primary tool to create visually realistic models before moving them to the mass manufacturing stage.

Applications of 3D Simulation

  • Demonstrate an innovative idea
  • Show the functionality of a product, solution, or a system
  • Predict design challenges and proposing their solutions
  • Illustrate the details of assembly, functioning, and other engineering processes
  • Create interactive tutorials and other training material
  • Create marketing material such as advertisements before the release of a product

3D Product Rendering

Product rendering is thought to be one of the most time-consuming processes in 3D computer graphics creation. All the rendering farms are located inside our studio hence ensuring complete privacy of your product designs and intellectual property. This approach ensures an efficient completion of 3D product visualization and simulation while keeping your intellectual property intact.

Advantages of Working with Us

Standards Compliance

  • Handling of diverse standard practices across industries
  • In-house training of resources to adhere to industry-specific standards
  • Improving data security through regular analysis and verification

Flexibility and Customization

  • Process Flexibility will allow a smoother shift towards your digital transformation
  • End to End management of projects that have crossed your team’s capacity
  • Creative customization of processes expedites output with minimum requirement of input

Intellectual Property Protection

  • Following global standards to protect your intellectual property and policies
  • By protecting our clients IP, we aim to foster an environment in which creativity and innovation can flourish

All Round Industrial Experience

  • An amalgamation of varied experiences and skills in diverse industry sectors
  • A unique blend of creative and industrial processes to execute design solutions
  • Quality, feasibility and attention to detail are at the heart of our development and innovation process

Quality Assurance

  • Establishing quality standards by analyzing client and product requirements
  • Implementing in-process product evaluation and inspection standard by carefully devising testing methods and procedures
  • Collaboration with team members and information sharing on design standards and aesthetics