Big Data Testing

Assisting you in migrating your data

Today, The Data is Teeming from Everywhere

Web, mobile, and the organization’s internal resources. Big data is the key enabler for organizations in information-driven sectors to gain an edge over their competitors. In response to these requirements, different platforms/tools are being used like Hadoop, Apache Hbase, Apache Hive, Mahout, etc. The key is to create value for businesses with the insights gained from this data.

As the concept of utilizing data as an asset is still maturing, most organizations are experiencing a gap between the enormity of data and the efficiency of data experts. Powersoft19’s SQA experts help organizations realize the full potential of this unprecedented amount of data by offering numerous big data QA services. Some of our big data testing services that you can benefit from are given below:

ETL Testing

ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) testing helps organizations stay on top of the game as they migrate, consolidate, or upgrade their databases (or data warehouses). Powersoft19 SQA offers ETL testing for the following needs:

Transforming the Data

In case when the data is to be transformed from one location to the other, we perform ETL testing in two steps. The first step is to perform ‘production validation’ testing in order to ensure the integrity of data before moving it. The next step is the ‘source to target’ testing where we test the transformed data for reliability and accuracy.

Data Upgrades

In some cases, the application itself is to be upgraded and the data is not transformed to another platform. In such cases we test the data after application upgrades to ensure data integrity after application changes.

Automated ETL Testing

Automation makes ETL testing more reliable and easier. We use automated ETL testing for comparing huge data from the source and the target. In this way we ensure the completeness and consistency of the transformed data.

Data Visibility/Value Extraction

Big data offer more possibilities of finding useful information, but the intimidating volume is the major hindrance in making sense of raw data for the benefit of the business. We have customized analytical tools to help you gain visibility into mountains of data without spending bulks of money or time. With the help of these tools you can scan huge amounts of data and then retain only the highest quality, usable data for better and faster decisions.

ETL Testing

Higher visibility with authentic and usable information
Easier measurement, management, and planning
Quicker decisions and better performance