Video and Animation

Wow your Audience

Expert Video Production Services

At Powersoft19 our video production team brings together writers, directors, producers and animators to create compelling video content for your corporate requirements. Our creative process begins by gathering information about your company brand and your customers. This includes collecting demographic data of your customers such as age group, cultural and personality differences. This information gives us a specific creative direction to work with. The next step is story development and scripting. Using video to introduce your business, increase your sales or simply to create awareness is a tried and tested method to get through to people on an emotional and intellectual level.

Video Production Services

Strategy Development

  • Brand Discovery
  • Brand Identity
  • Target Market and Customer Personas

Creative Production

  • Storyboard Development
  • Artwork Development
  • Scripting


  • Video Creation
  • Voice over rehearsals
  • Video Editing

Key Graphical Content Creation Services

Motion Graphics
3D Animation
Corporate Photography

Video Shooting

Our camera crew is expert in green screen shoots for marketing, corporate, and commercial videos. We make the most of the environment and lighting to give a professional touch to the video shoot. Book us today for your upcoming video project.

Video Editing

In our video editing services we structure and arrange all the video information according to your requirements. The process includes editing raw video footage, cutting the scenes, adding special effects and working with voice talents.

Key video editing services

Visual effects
Color correction
Video finishing

Video Marketing

Creating an amazing video is just the beginning of the story. The goal of a video is achieved when it reaches the target audiences and successfully delivers the intended message. Powersoft19 video production and marketing team will accelerate your outreach to the right audiences. Our video production and marketing process includes the following activities:

  • Understanding the latest market needs
  • Creating videos that address these market needs
  • Launching the video marketing campaign
  • Analyzing the results of video marketing campaign

We also provide video campaign analysis based on keywords, user personas, location and other relevant criteria that you would like us to include in the analysis.

Key Services

  • Video SEO
  • Media planning
  • Integrated social media campaigns