Embedded Linux Development

Sophisticated and high-end systems to build complex applications

Proven Expertise in Building Embedded Linux Systems

Powersoft19 is a turnkey solution provider offering design and development services for software and hardware components of high-tech embedded systems. Our embedded firmware team has experts in a wide range of development platforms catering to different OS (Operating System) and RTOS (Real Time Operating System) environments. Our expertise, combined with our hardware design services, enables us to provide a complete, synchronized, and integrated solution. Our clientele consists of prestigious organizations from Mining, Automotive, Smart Grid, Industrial Automation, Rail, and many other industries. 

Key Services

Embedded Applications
BSP and Driver
Performance Optimization

Embedded Applications Development

  • Applications with real-time/quasi-real-time requirements
  • Porting and integrating web browser, GSteamer, Media Player / Server, Open Server and other open source applications
  • Database based applications involving SQLite, MySQL, and PostgreSQL
  • Java based applications development and porting JRE to custom platform
  • HTML, XHTML, JavaScript, XML, AJAX, Python, Java applets, Perl, and PHP based web applications
  • HMI applications based on Qt and OpenGL ES
  • Client server based networked applications
  • RTP, RTSP based media streaming

From integration to development we do it all

Middleware Development During Embedded Linux Development

  • Integration of BLE, Zigbee, GPS, GSM, Text to speech, CD / USB Stacks
  • Development of modules like Playlist Manager M3u, ASX, RMP, TAG and WPL Parsers, Persistence Manager, and Audio / Video Codecs
  • Development of file-system protection mechanisms for SD card-based systems and utilities for automatic file-system recovery in case of corruption
  • Client specific SDKs and utilities like Proprietary Radio management and firmware update utilities, In-field software update utilities, and Platform Abstraction Layers

BSP and Driver Development

  • Porting Linux, X-Windows, GTK, QT and KDE to ARM and x86 based hardware
  • Integrating various peripheral devices to the Linux based GUI system
  • Development, porting, and tweaking/hardening (new and existing) the drivers for various Linux sub-systems such as Audio/Video, Storage, Communications, Wireless, and User Interface
  • Development for all major hardware platforms like Texas Instruments, Analog Devices, Freescale, Intel, Renesas, Altera, and Xilinx

Steering towards the right direction

Performance Optimization of Embedded Applications

  • System profiling to identify the bottlenecks and tuning the components to ensure the best performance
  • Refactoring drivers to achieve power optimization
  • Boot time reduction

Tools and Technologies

Source management

SVN, GIT, ClearCase and CM Synergy

Build system

Hudson, ANT, GNU Make

Linux distribution build systems

Open Embedded, Yocto, Buildroot, Scratchbox, OpenWrt

Embedded Linux distributions

uClinux, Debian, Embedian, Arch Linux, Ubuntu, Angstrom