Cyber-hygiene practices for a cyber-secure world

Cybersecurity Services for The Entire Cyber Space

Powersoft19 realizes that companies require smart cybersecurity services because cyber-attacks are on the rise. Moreover, our extensive knowledge of cybersecurity enables us to prevent security breaches for our clients. Our services include risk elimination, penetration testing, network hardening, incident handling and security architecture implementation, and come with an experience spanning the better part of three decades. At Powersoft19, we have a core focus on complying with international standards and regulation bodies. We stick to several ISO standards, NIC requirements and OWASP vulnerability audits. Continue reading below to discover more about our services. Let’s make this world a more cyber-secure world together!

Cybersecurity Strategy & Consultancy

With Powersoft19’s cyber protection services and information technologies, the fear of data privacy and data safety compromise is a worry of the past. Powersoft19 delivers enhanced and reliable cyber security solutions throughout the security development lifecycle.
Our use cases, best practices and industry experiences covering more than 20 years help us greatly in this regard. We have a proven expertise in selecting the right solutions for the unique security challenges our partners must endure.
We ensure data safety with critical cybersecurity strategy and consultancy services. Our services cover the information spanning the entire cyberspace. We develop case specific solutions to help generate the best results. With feedback from our clients, we are always ready to create success stories on a regular basis.
Tap into our huge potential to explore a plethora of expert solutions for your cyber security concerns.

We Offer

  • Threat & Vulnerability Management
  • Ethical Hacking & Penetration Testing
  • Wireless Security Testing
  • IoT & Embedded Systems Security Testing
  • Web / Desktop Application Testing
  • Managed Cybersecurity Services
  • Physical Hardware Security & Inspection
  • Cyber Security Architecture & implementation
  • Data Privacy & Protection Services
  • Identity & Access Management
  • Risk Assessment
  • Device / OS Audit & Security Hardening
  • Cloud & Web API Security Testing
  • Cybersecurity Training Services
  • Cybersecurity Consultancy Services
  • Secure Coding – Consultancy & Development
  • Network Security / System Security Consultancy


We follow a wide range of international standards to deliver the best possible services to our clients. We also enable our clients to comply with international guidelines:

  • ASVS v 3.0
  • ISO / IEC 15408
  • ISO / IEC 27001
  • ISO 22301
  • ISO 27002
  • OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities Audit
  • UEAS Management Systems CB – 010