Systems Re-engineering

Refactor, upgrade, maintain, customize, and integrate technologies

Systems Re-engineering and Business Process Re-engineering Services

The technological update frequency of systems and applications often presents a dilemma to engineers: whether to replace the system or just upgrade it? Systems re-engineering requires knowledge of all the latest business trends, available tools, and cutting-edge technologies. While the latest technologies offer many valuable features lacking in legacy systems, it is sometimes feasible to retain older technologies due to economic, social, and technical factors. Systems re-engineering is an excellent solution for such situations; it utilizes as much as possible of the legacy systems and incorporates new features to attain necessary modernization.

Legacy Systems

Analysis, Maintenance and Value Addition

Systems re-engineering services offered by Powersoft19 will help your legacy systems catch up with the latest technologies while ensuring compatibility among various enterprise software. You get an efficient, attuned, and bug-free system while retaining all the history contained within your legacy systems. The best part is that you get all of this without bearing the cost of replacing the equipment/software. You can engage our services to analyze, maintain, and fix the source code of a running system. If complete overhaul is not warranted to sort an issue, we offer minimal maintenance or customization services to bring such systems into the mainstream.

What we Offer

Our expertise encompasses the following fields and much more:

System analysis and evaluation with top business process analysts

Adding new functionalities and
features to legacy systems

Incorporating new software

Renovating bug prone

Upgrading software / hardware
system architecture