Embedded OS-Based Development

Safety-critical and non-safety-critical development for industrial equipment

Embedded Operating System Design and Development

Effective embedded operating systems play a key role in designing complex yet reliable embedded system solutions. Powersoft19 offers specialized embedded OS based development services to create highly dependable embedded system solutions that can perform flawlessly despite their elevated complexity.

Solutions based on RTOS, Linux, WinCE

Safety-critical and Non-Safety-Critical Sectors

Our embedded operating systems-based development services draw knowledge from the domains of both safety-critical and non-safety-critical sectors. We have developed safety-critical solutions based on certified RTOS (Real Time Operating System) to meet EN (European Norm) 61508 and its derivative standards for various industries. Similarly, for non-safety-critical applications, we have developed solutions based on Linux and WinCE (Windows Embedded Compact). We also specialize in open source RTOS and embedded RTOS. Our developed systems find application in wide-ranging industrial equipment like gas detection instruments, remote management systems, network security systems, power electronic systems, and monitoring devices for mining and the rail industry.