New Product Development

Anticipate for future markets with a proactive business approach

Our Highly Efficient New Product Development Process

Staying relevant and in-demand for a market is a strategic challenge that our New Product Development services solve for our clients. This is primarily because of our new product development process. Steps involved from ideation to product marketing, and we have a streamlined process to make each step easier and safer for businesses venturing into New Product Development (NPD). We guide our clients through all the twists and turns typical in the industrial NPD journey whether, they are technical, bureaucratic or social.
There is no one-size-fits-all solution as each client has unique market, industry, and technical challenges. However, the following key stages capture the flow of the NPD process applicable to a wide range of industrial markets that we serve.

New Product Idea

Feasibility Analyses and Market Research

Exciting opportunities abound for the businesses that are daring enough to generate and realize innovative new product ideas. Powersoft19 team offers services of generating, screening, and analyzing the suitability of an idea for our clients in a systematic way.
Our competitive edge is the access to relevant resources and piles of information about many industries that we’ve gathered through operating in the field for more than two decades. Our prior experience has been in areas such as embedded systems, systems automation, hardware design, enterprise applications, desktop tools, and many other technology disciplines. We conquer this through our vigilant market research that addresses the current trends, the latest technological developments and other factors customized for each client. The combination of practical knowledge and market research enables us to recommend the most feasible product ideas for each client.

New Product Development

Refinement and Patents Writing

Once a new product idea is deemed feasible in the initial analysis and market research, the next phase is to prepare the idea for transformation into a tangible product. This phase includes in-depth research, non-functional prototyping, and assessment of the patentability of the idea. Writing and applying for a patent is initiated with the help of technical, legal, and business experts. The patent writing and publication may continue until the next phase during which we create, test, and prototype the product to achieve optimum design efficiencies.

Product Development Cycle

Testing, Prototyping, and Developing

After research and planning comes the time to realize the product idea. A highly effective and multi-purpose product development cycle, therefore, must be initiated keeping in mind all contingencies. To ensure a successful implementation, we go through a comprehensive modeling and testing phase prior to large-scale development of the product. As most of our clients come from high-tech sectors, we have highly trained 3D modeling and ANSYS experts who are trained to run Multiphysics tests to simultaneously cater multidisciplinary standards requirements involved in building a complex product/system. We also accommodate customized testing or prototyping requirements for clients that are from safety-critical industries.
During product development, we follow a lean product development process optimized with the latest technologies.


Product Deployment, and Beyond

After product design and development, product deployment is a critical stage. Product deployment in various industries requires licensing and agency approvals from concerned authorities. Our teams have successfully empowered various clients in getting agency approvals for industries requiring stringent quality and safety standards.
In addition, we also assist in carrying out marketing activities to reach and prepare the audiences for product reception. Our marketing consultants have wide experience of orchestrating compelling marketing campaigns for B2B and engineering products/solutions.
Powersoft19’s cross-functional teams remain available to our clients after the launch of the product to provide upgrades, maintenance, and other supporting services.

Business Value for You

  • Tap emerging trends for effective product design and development
  • Increase value in your products at affordable cost with a special focus on new product development
  • Accelerate product development cycle and processes
  • Respond to market challenges
  • Synchronize business strategies with development processes