Turnkey solutions for mobile machine control transmitters and receivers

Automated Systems for the Mining Industry

Mining industry deals with distinct issues like ensuring the safety of workers and environment along with the usual concerns like improving the productivity and economy of operations. As a result, the industry players seek innovative technological solutions to manage the hazardous, yet competitive, work environment. Automated systems that ensure minimum human exposure to risks provide answers to many challenges faced by the professionals in this field.

Range of Services for Top Notch OEMs

Powersoft19 has helped top-notch OEMs and industry leaders in building numerous wireless monitoring, control, and networking solutions for mining. Our services include design, development, and validation of mobile machine control transmitters, receivers, and expansion modules to help provide safe and reliable operations in harsh mining environments.

Our Designed Systems in Mining are Employed in Diverse Operations

Our key strengths include process-oriented system development, quality assurance, and documentation of the level that is required for third-party approvals. Our safety-critical firmware has been accredited as compliant with the highest safety standards like European SIL 4 and American Level A.


Remote Controlling the Machinery


Collecting Critical Data from Sensors


Tracking Assets


Ensuring the Security of Workers


Monitoring the Environment


Real-Time Video Feeds

International Standards

Our Engineers have Produced Systems Conforming to the Following Standards: