Internet of Things (IoT)

Game-changing solutions for industrial and corporate players

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Powersoft19 realizes that the ongoing increase in smartphones and other portable devices is all set to promote the semiconductor industry without break. It is no surprise that IoT will most likely have a lion’s share in generating revenue growth across multiple industries for the next 5 years. In order to tap into the full potential of this era of cyber-physical systems, we utilize our 20+ years of experience in delivering M2M solutions to create powerful IoT solutions. Our IoT framework, through life capability management and customized IoT solutions is result-oriented and highly sophisticated. Read below to find out more about our IoT services.


Streamline customer service and engagement by building real-time interactions.
Enable physical devices to stay in touch with one another leading to greater efficiency and higher quality.
IOT offers visibility into system behaviors which can yield new insights and ideas.