Gas Detection

Innovative, reliable, and easy to use gas detection solutions

Expert Safety-Critical Solutions for the Gas Detection Industry

The goal of gas detection industry is to offer equipment and services that make the work environment safer for workers employed in mining, manufacturing, and other hazardous occupations. Powersoft19 has vast experience of providing safety-critical solutions to respectable OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) of the gas detection industry. We provide firmware, hardware, quality assurance, automation, auxiliary tools, web applications, and accessory hardware/firmware services to meet the dynamic demands of the industry. Our major clients include leading gas detector and gas sensor manufacturers who trust our reliable solutions to deliver the most dependable products of the industry.

Safe Design Standards

Powersoft19 has helped its clients in designing portable gas detectors, fixed gas detectors, and fixed gas controllers. Our designed gas detection equipment is fully compliant with intrinsically safe design standards. All our solutions conform to international regulatory standards guaranteeing protection from hazardous gases. Our recent accomplishment is the design of a SIL 2 compliant gas detector.

International Standards

Our Designed Gas Detectors Conform to the Following Standards:

  • EN (European Norm) 61508 (part 1, 2, and 3)
    • EN (European Norm) 50271 (SIL 1)
    • EN (European Norm) 50402 (SIL 2 and SIL 3)
  • HART (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer)
  • UL (Underwriters Laboratory)
  • ATEX (Appareils destinés à être utilisés en ATmosphères EXplosives.)
  • CSA (Canadian Standards Association)

Diverse Applications

Our Designed Systems are Employed in Diverse Operations Like:

  • Remotely controlling the machinery
  • Collecting critical data from sensors
  • Tracking assets
  • Ensuring the security of workers
  • Monitoring the environment

Our key strengths include process-oriented system development, quality assurance, and documentation of the level that is required for third-party approvals. Our safety-critical firmware complies with the highest safety standards like European SIL 4 and American Level A.

Industry Standards

Our Engineers have Produced Systems Conforming to the Following Standards:

  • EN (European Norm) 61508
  • EN 50128
  • EN 954-1
  • EN 13849
  • DO (Dependability Operational) 178B
  • UL (Underwriters Laboratories) 1998