Material Handling

Radio remote control systems for safe material handling

Industrial Material Handling Solutions

Material handling is at the heart of the manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution of all industrial goods. The scope of the material handling industry is vast in terms of a variety of operations, products, and technologies. Since the last two decades, electronic design automation has been playing a major role in pulling together these diverse facets and helping to convert technical concepts into disruptive solutions.

Safety-critical Firmware

Powersoft19 has facilitated leading OEMs and Fortune 500 companies in providing automated operations and productions based on the latest tools and technologies. We have used our expertise in safety-critical firmware to develop radio remote control systems for various material handling applications. These applications are present worldwide in different process automation domains including aerospace and automotive manufacturing, bridge cranes, construction cranes, agricultural machinery, barges, shuttle wagons, and elevators.

Compliance with Highest Safety Standards

Our key strengths include process-oriented system development, quality assurance, and documentation of the level that is required for third-party approvals. Our safety-critical firmware has been accredited as compliant with the highest safety standards like European SIL 4 and American Level A. Our engineers have produced systems conforming to the following standards:

System/Software Design

  • EN (European Norm) 61508
  • EN 50128
  • EN 954-1
  • EN 13849 (System)
  • EN 61508 (Software SIL 3)
  • DO (Dependability Operational) 178B


  • FCC (Federal Communications Commission) Part 15 subpart B, exempt
  • FCC Part 15 subpart C, intentional radiators
  • FCC Part 90
  • EN 301-489 EU RF and EMC SRD harmonized
  • EN 300-220 EU RF and EMC base standard
  • IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) 61000 electromagnetic compatibility EMC
  • ISO 7637-2 road vehicles EMC
  • ISO 13766 earth moving machinery EMC

Protection Class

IP Protection:

  • IP54
  • IP64
  • IP65
  • IP68