Infrastructure Security Solutions

Proactive, automated, and inclusive information security

Holistic Enterprise Information Security Services

There are many ways to breach Enterprise information security like malicious attacks, system glitches, or even employees’ ignorance of standard security processes. That is why a holistic IT information security management requires taking account of various dynamics at play in an enterprise environment and then proactively mitigating and preventing costly security lapses.

Integrated, Automated, and Cost-Effective Information Security Management

At the enterprise level, good security governance starts by identifying all potential security risks and planning countermeasures to prevent these risks from affecting the enterprise. This translates into providing security measures for each layer of enterprise operations such as infrastructure, network, and data security. The goal of Powersoft19’s information security management services is to provide our clients with integrated, automated, and cost-effective security management that takes care of all forms of security threats prevalent in today’s digitally exposed business environment. Our IT information security services simultaneously focus on proactive and remedial actions for identifying, mitigating, preventing and resolving security breach issues.

Security of Key Assets

Infrastructure, Applications, and Data Security Solutions

Infrastructure, applications, and data vulnerabilities make up most exploitation targets for attacks caused by both malicious intent and malpractices of unknown actors. The most suitable way to secure these key assets is to control access to critical systems and proactively detect any malicious activity. Our team accomplishes timely detection, prevention, and access control of network traffic via the most advanced firewalls, VPN, Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS). We also provide critical information security consultancy to ensure effective information security management.

Disaster Recovery

As the dependence on IT is penetrating every industry, so is the need to make the IT systems secure and disaster-proof. Our disaster recovery services consider all types of risks: from the most likely computer viruses to the most unpredictable natural disasters.

Key Services

  • Assessment of risks
  • Specifications of IT, communication systems, and business dependencies
  • Comprehensive disaster recovery planning and auditing
  • Online data backup storage
  • Data center relocation and collocation
  • Server and desktop virtualization
  • Communication systems backup
  • Computer systems resilience

Business Continuity

The business continuity needs of every business are unique. We, at Powersoft19, help organizations devise and implement their unique business continuity plans. We carry out a business impact analysis (BIA) to identify the organization’s key products, services, and operations and then set up a plan to minimize the effect of failure of these.

Key Benefits

  • Immediate recovery of mission-critical data
  • Support for all virtual platforms
  • Customized data storage options that seamlessly integrate with your business processes
  • Huge cost savings
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction and retention

Network Security and Audit Services

Penetration Testing

Inclusive Services

In order to secure enterprise applications, we offer inclusive services that ensure the overall security of the enterprise from various ends. The following are key services that we offer to uncover and remedy the vulnerabilities in an enterprise application suite:

Switch Port -based Security
IP-based Security
Network Security Audit
Ethical Hacking and Penetration Tests
Virus Protection