Virtual Reality

Immersive, engaging, and awe-inspiring virtual experience

Engaging Virtual Reality Applications

Virtual Reality places the user within an extraordinary experience creating new opportunities for the digital world. As an active participant of upcoming technologies, Powersoft19 understands the potential behind Mixed, Augmented, Immersive and Virtual Reality. As creative experts and strategists, we provide the perfect VR experience for your corporate vision. We will reinforce your brand with animations, special effects and immersive experiences to bring out the absolute best for your company and the people you work with.

Customized VR Solutions

Powersoft19 creates customized VR solutions for 3D modeling, game asset development and custom-built apps. Whether you are a pioneer in your field, an industrialist or an entrepreneur we make sure we understand your goals before embarking on solutions. As consultants, we tell you if Virtual Reality or immersive technology is the answer to your questions. Our experts will guide you through the initial challenges of sorting out business objectives, specifications and priorities. Our understanding of Virtual Reality Systems gives us the confidence and focus required to reduce uncertainty and come up with the right answers.

Our Key Services

We offer the following key services in AR and VR technologies:

  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality games and apps for mobile phones (both Android and iOS), tablets, and web
  • Multi-platform virtual reality apps for Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, HTC VIVE, and Google Cardboard
  • High Definition and Advanced visualization for multifaceted ideas and concepts.
  • Creatively designed operation manuals, which will use VR technology to sail you through the product’s functionality.
  • Immersive corporate training experience through VR e-learning apps
  • 3D asset pipeline production to enable efficient Virtual Reality app development for diverse industries
  • CAD model conversion into Virtual Reality demos for effective communication of requirements
  • Customized solutions for real estate, healthcare, educational institutions and many other sectors based on specific business requirements.