Performance Testing

Do you know the limits of your application?

In Today’s Technology-Driven World

In this era of a technology-driven world, where more and more complex technology services are offered, the real differentiators are the robustness and reliability of an application. We help you enrich your products by thoroughly testing the application’s performance. We offer services comprising load and stress testing for reliable web and embedded applications.


Robust and reliable applications
Standardization of applications
Realistic evaluation of applications’ performance

Performance Testing for
Web Applications

Under performance testing of web applications, we perform load tests, stress tests and soak tests. Load testing services make sure that your web, server, and desktop applications pass the test of unforeseeable load before hitting the market. Further, soak tests are performed by keeping the application under load for long duration. Stress tests are also a part of performance testing, which focus on testing the application’s behavior when it reaches its breaking point.
We excel in a variety of development tools to help you respond quickly to user requirements with great quality. Our testing services meet the challenges inherent in such applications, including a huge amount of data and analyzing power needed to interpret the data.

Performance Testing for
Embedded Applications

Performance testing of embedded applications has several aspects including: identifying maximum CPU usage, maximum memory usage for standard compliance, etc. We offer performance testing for embedded applications to test the application’s behavior on limits. Our services include stress testing to identify where the application breaks and see if it responds gracefully after crossing the threshold. Among other variations used are soak tests performed by keeping the application under load for longer periods.