e.Vita (e-Business & Industrial Solutions)

Get immediate access to information; automate and make sound decisions

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e.Vita Optimizes Workload and Streamlines Administrative Tasks, Ensuring a Better Work Environment and Flexible Management Boundaries

e.Vita enables you to manage the most valuable resource of your organization i.e. The employees. It extends the role of traditional Management Information Systems (MIS) to include many other dimensions. e.Vita not only collects data, but also provides a comprehensive knowledge base for tracking, understanding, and deploying the skills of your collective employee base.

e.Vita consolidates every critical and optional function like tracking and evaluation in a single enterprise-wide environment. Equipped with flexibility, it lets you adapt the technology to meet the needs of your business, even when those needs differ within the business. e.Vita provides you immediate access to meaningful and accurate information about the status of projects and activities of your workforce, enabling you to automate organizational processes and make sound decisions.


  • Web-based solution for easy access
  • User-friendly interface
  • Efficient attendance management and tracking
  • Benefits and promotion tracking
  • Up-to-date status of projects
  • Automated issuance and retrieval of library items
  • Easier resource pool management