Human Machine Interface

Automation and efficiency with multi-touch and non-touch HMI

HMI Solutions for Automation and Rich User Experience

Human-machine interface or man-machine interface technology is evolving to match the expectations set by smartphones’ user experience. The traditional machine interfaces with push buttons and keypad controls are now making way for single-touch and multi-touch interaction technologies. Therefore, the use of HMI interface displays and HMI panels is on the rise to aid in effective digitization between human and machine. These technologies add ease of use to support machine operations such as increasing productivity, safety, automation, and accuracy.

Safety-critical HMI Solutions in Compliance with SIL 3

By understanding user requirements and combining it with technological excellence, Powersoft19 offers various HMI solutions to support machine operations with enriched user interaction experience. We help companies design and develop responsive HMIs for both safety-critical and non-safety-critical systems. Our proficiency in safety-critical HMI solutions includes development of highly reliable systems conforming up to SIL 3 safety standards. We offer both multi-touch and non-touch HMI options with our expertise in Android and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs). Our human machine interface solutions also cater to HMI interface display, HMI panels and HMI unit development as well. Major applications of our HMI services include ATM, banking systems, petrol pumps and remote-controlled devices.