About Us

Integrated solutions, holistic services and personalized relationships

What we do?

Powersoft19 is a technology consulting and service providing firm that uses technology to enrich people’s lives. We offer data insights, technology excellence, efficient management, business intelligence, industry knowledge, aesthetics, and vision-all joined together-in one neat package.

Why is it all about people?

In this fast-paced business world, every company has some driving force, a goal and a notion of success. In Powersoft19’s realm, it all revolves around people-One passionate team, many satisfied customers.

The driving force behind our every project comes from the people of our team who are passionate to solve clients’ toughest business challenges. The goal is to enrich our clients’ business with consistent quality that is within budget and the planned schedule. Our key success metric is time management and comprehensive processes, resulting in delightful experiences.

Competitive Edge

  • World class professionals with experience in a wide range of legacy, current, and upcoming technologies
  • A competitive consulting model
  • Excellent client relationship management that guarantees longer business relations and strong referrals
  • Consistent quality delivery within 15% of the planned budget and schedule
  • Extensive knowledge base about our clients’ business, their industries, and the regulating bodies of those industries
  • A passionate team empowered to work on what they love
  • The high retention rate of world-class engineers that translates into knowledge retention and our clients reap the rewards of their investment for many years
  • A blend of experienced professionals, and energetic fresh graduates with 2 to 3 years of experience
  • Ability to see business challenges holistically and to provide sustainable solutions to these challenges