IIoT Framework

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Monetization Opportunities and the Industrial Internet of Things

Industries such as transportation, oil and gas have been applying IoT in the form of automation and M2M applications for decades. It is only a matter of spotting real business value of IoT that will kick start the Industrial IoT (IIoT) revolution for other industries as well. Given the enormity of the industrial sector’s contribution to the global economy, a fractional improvement in productivity and savings will bring huge monetization opportunities on a global scale.

M2M, Automation Projects and ReMS

Some of the leading industry names are making steady progress in harnessing the potential value of the Internet of Things (IoT) as early adopters. These companies are managing the challenges of evolving technology, leaving great examples for others to learn from. Powersoft19 has successfully completed numerous M2M and industrial automation projects with impressive business outcomes during the last few decades. The knowledge gained from these projects is the seed that developed into a unique Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) framework, ReMS, offered by Powersoft19. This framework is the minimum risk option for companies seeking reliable IIoT solutions to raise their game in the IoT era.

Value Proposition for OEMs

Powersoft19’s ReMS framework and IoT consultancy services promise unique value addition for OEMs:

  • Life Capability Management is a part of our ReMS framework, ensuring that our clients are cared for with a long-term sustainable relationship
  • Extensive R&D carried out during our collaboration with other clients over the past few decades is accumulated in Powersoft19 team resources, saving millions of dollars required in conducting basic research before initiating an IoT project.
  • Powersoft19 team’s knowledge base about IoT is the result of solving many field challenges for our clients. This valuable knowledge will be vital in saving numerous costly amateur mistakes and hiccups while implementing IoT solutions for you.
  • Our expert team will ease IoT’s disruptive changes for your company while you streamline your new and legacy business operations.
  • The flexible technology stacks/building blocks of ReMS are ready for customization in your industry with a minimum hassle at your end. Powersoft19 team will assess and implement all customization requirements to make the solution ready for your industry.

Powersoft19’s ReMS is a flexible framework that caters to the needs of diverse industries at varying stages of their journey in adopting IoT processes.

OEMs Starting Out with IoT

Powersoft19 has a unique end-to-end services model encompassing hardware, firmware, connectivity, data gathering and processing, and consultancy. With the customizable ReMS framework and accompanying services, Powersoft19 experts will get you started on the journey of adding capabilities and introducing innovative services through IoT in no time.

Flexible Business Model

OEMs Requiring Support for their IoT Applications

Implementing IoT in an industrial setting is an inherently complex task, requiring partnerships at almost every stage. Powersoft19’s flexible business model brings a range of individual services and independent building blocks for companies that need support during any phase of their IoT implementation life cycle.

Your Next Steps to Realize Industrial IoT Potential

No two industries will drive the value from IoT in the same way. If you want to identify your shortest path to realize IoT business benefits, we propose the following three-step approach:

Contact Us

Contact Powersoft19 experts and know about examples of ReMS applications in your industry.

Share with Us

Share information with Powersoft19 team about the specific challenges hindering your IoT journey. Working together, we will create a profile for your company and identify the points across your value chain where ReMS will provide the maximum value added.

Initiate a Proof of Concept Offered by Us

Initiate a proof of concept project offered by Powersoft19.