Mobile Applications

Powersoft19 mobile applications provide a wide coverage for enterprise, consumer-centric, and industrial mobility needs. Our full-spectrum services include native (built on iOS, Android, Windows, WinCE), hybrid, and web mobile apps development. Our customized services balance the security, functionality, and user experience requirements according to each client’s expectations.

Enterprise Mobile Apps

The digitized enterprises of today have a special use for mobile apps in gathering operational intelligence and enhancing productivity. Powersoft19’s mobile apps bring profitability generating solutions to our clients. Our teams use their cross functional experience and understanding of diverse business operations to create solutions for mobile enterprises. Following are just a few examples of applications that we excel at:

Access Control Solutions

Powersoft19’s mobile ID apps for access control bring dual benefits to the enterprise bottom line: increased security minimizes losses and ease of access for authorized personnel increases the productive time of employees. The mobile ID app can also be integrated with personnel’s performance reports or other time management software for an integrated accountability solution. Our enterprise mobile apps come with the best solutions to offer.

Productivity Solutions

You may rely on Powersoft19 for customizing a holistic productivity suite of apps for tracking and enhancing your team’s performance. Powersoft19’s mobile productivity solutions such as requirements management, documents management, and application life cycle management bring unprecedented ease to business management. These productivity apps streamline data generation, integration, and analysis. This authentic data reveals new expansion and improvement opportunities that are critical in making informed strategic decisions.

Integrated IoT Applications for Productivity

The mobile interface of connected IoT applications is critical for providing global access to IoT apps. Powersoft19 offers modular services that you may avail to either engage us in building an IoT app from scratch or to develop a mobile interface for an existing IoT app.

Customer-Centric Mobile Apps

Powersoft19’s customer-centric mobile apps grasp the audience’s attention with genuine concepts, engaging aesthetics, and seamless cross-platform experience. Our mobile apps development teams take the advantage of having experts of VR, 3D designers, and unity game developers to increase the audience’s engagement.

Our portfolio of customer-centric mobile apps serves diverse audiences. Following are some of the themes and categories of our mobile apps:

  • Educational apps for school and college students
  • Sports-themed apps for mega sports events
  • Health and lifestyle apps for wearables

Games in adventure, space, sports, and education categories