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Software Quality Assurance

With globalization of businesses, the methods of assessing and establishing quality of a product are becoming quite intricate. The competition of bringing products early to market and keeping them cheaper adds more to the catch. To compete in this race of bringing newer and better products to market faster than ever, Powersoft19 SQA adopts a unique approach. We revive the roots of quality assurance with a focus on increasing the efficiency rather than mere corrective actions. We believe in providing real, measurable value for the investment in Software Quality Assurance. We achieve this with a result-oriented approach of reducing the overall product cost and increasing the quality at the same time.

Being independent Quality Assurance consultants, we offer end to end quality assurance services focusing on delivering value at each step of the software development process. By introducing quality assurance early on in the development process, we help organizations meet time to market deadlines by mitigating risks early in the process. Powersoft19 SQA acts as a Testing Center of Excellence where knowledge, skills, tools and processes are shared among projects. With this integrated approach towards quality testing, we have devised processes to get a product’s quality right the first time. Our clients leverage our expertise and experience to achieve higher efficiency and better quality.

Leading names in the rail, gas detection, mining, health care, material handling, and power industries engage us for a variety of services ranging from requirements analysis to agency approvals. Go through our website and see how we can help you bring efficiency and quality to your products and processes.


In-house "workproduct" results -- with off-shore pricing... Being introduced through a colleague to an off-shore partner with glowing reviews, I was skeptical. Faced with gaps in capacity, technical depth, and an increasing workload, there was a need for a partner but also risk. PS19 not only helped us fill our gaps quickly, but they also became a solid contributor to our Software Quality Assurance organization. Unlike other consulting firms I have worked with, they have felt like more of an extension of my team than an offshore group. Quality is #1 in our business and Powersoft19 has met and exceeded our expectations as a Software Quality Assurance consulting firm; I would recommend them to any organization.”

Chris McAndrew Software QA Team Leader Industrial Scientific Corporation

From day 1 through to the final completion date Powersoft19's team were informative and helpful. The project was set up to have weekly meetings via the internet due to the distances involved. Powersoft19 maintained a quick, almost instant at times, response to requests via emails, in between the weekly meetings.

Powersoft19 maintained the quick and professional exchange of ideas throughout the project which lasted 14 months. All requests for changes were met without hindrance; in fact nothing was too much trouble for the team.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Powersoft19. ”

Frank Kups Associate Director Status Scientific Controls Ltd
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