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Search Engine Optimization

Powersoft19 SEO team lets you navigate through the competition jungle and connects you with your true customers. The scope of our SEO services doesn’t conclude with achieving a higher page rank. We start by achieving a good ranking of the website in search engine results page, convert this high rank into a healthy click through rate, and then ensure a handsome return on SEO investment in the form of increased business conversions. We also train our clients to sustain the search engine visibility as a long term marketing strategy.

Search Engine Optimization requires both technical and creative expertise such as ensuring technical soundness of the website architecture, optimizing site navigation, and creatively engaging a variety of website visitors. Powersoft19 SEO team comprises of website developers, graphic designers, social media specialists, and SEO analysts to bring it all together as integrated SEO services.

SEO Strategy and Planning

Website Audit

We offer free website audit services to our each client as a part of our customized SEO solutions. We complete the audit in two steps: reports generation via automated tools and analysis of reports by our SEO expert. The key features of our audit reports are the analysis and recommendations from our SEO experts. The major factors analyzed in our audit reports include:

Onsite optimization

Keywords Analysis

Keyword analysis is the most critical phase on which all subsequent SEO activities are based. With an extensive research based approach, we recommend keywords that match the vocabulary of searchers and your offerings’ description. The keyword selection criteria take on many factors into account such as:

Content Optimization

Once the keyword analysis is complete, the ground is set for creating keyword-optimized content for the website. This is the phase where we optimize a website for the readers to keep them engaged until they transform from a visitor to a customer.

The key of optimizing the content is to take into account the requirements of both human visitors and the search engine robots. We ensure that the content provides valuable information to humans and makes it easy for robots to recognize its quality. We accomplish this by creating the content that has an optimum number of keywords weaved into the text in a meaningful way in accordance with website structure and meta information.

Navigation and Accessibility

The objective of onsite optimization can be summed up as making the website easy to find, use, and assess. Appropriate navigation significantly improves website accessibility and search-ability for human users. An expertly structured sitemap also facilitates the site crawling and indexing operation of search engine robots.

Offsite Optimization

Offsite optimization is all about reaching out to the target audiences and letting them know of the awesome offerings available through your website. There are many avenues that are now available for businesses to approach their audiences in addition to their corporate website. Powersoft19 assists businesses in selecting and optimizing the channels that will bring the most out of their online presence.

Link Building

Link building, when done properly, is a valuable way to form alliances and share your offerings. Powersoft19 employs link building best practices that organically promote your business by building upon the quality content that your website features. Here are some of the ways that we use to build links for our clients:

Social Media

No business marketing process is complete without active participation of target audiences on social media. As social media provides an opportunity to interact with your actual customers, it is a valuable tool to improve your brand perception.

Powersoft19 offers social media accounts set up, posting, and maintenance services for Google +, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Blog and Article Writing

Blogs and articles not only bring visitors to your website, but also establish your reputation as an expert in the industry. Being an authority in your trade in turn brings brand recognition and better ranking on the search engines. Powersoft19 assists you in optimizing your blogs, articles, and other marketing publishing. With a balance of quality content and keywords optimization, your published artifacts earn great value for your website as a long-term SEO strategy.

Analytics and Reporting

One of Powersoft19’s key values is to ensure transparency in our SEO activities. We share detailed reports about keywords rankings, links performance, and social media activity with each client in a detailed monthly report. On the base of this report, we actively adjust the SEO strategy that makes our services hands-on and up to date with changing SEO best practices.

Training and Consultancy

Being a provider of customized Search Engine Optimization services, we offer training to our clients so that they can sustain their search engine performance with their own in-house teams. Once we set the basic SEO infrastructure for a client, we train them to retain the SEO in-house with minimal effort. The end result is an unbelievable increase in website ranking that is sustained for over a long time period.

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