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Our team has vast experience in building management systems for the administration of hospitals, clinics or clinical laboratories using ICD-9 codes. The features of our designed systems include and are not limited to patient demographics and diagnostic (intelligent) systems, ward and room allocation management, and administration. We have also designed system requirements for a hospital management information system including finance, cash counters, billing, account payables, personnel management systems and systems for fund / charity.

Powersoft19 has developed sophisticated internet/intranet applications for leading insurance, healthcare and financial services customers. We can build custom applications from scratch using standard tools and languages or tailor the already developed applications to fit more closely to individual customer's requirements and operations. Powersoft19 has developed award-winning Internet software applications for its US based client Axim Systems International.

Web Dimensions

Web Dimensions was developed for US health care industry for First Report of Injury of workers. It supported different requirements for all 51 US states. The user can report injury and view or print report using a web browser. This system was developed using Java, XML/XSL and Servlets technologies. This product is very flexible from configuration aspect. An XML based markup language is used to store the configuration of the database, connectivity, input forms, form validation rules etc. A number of tools are being developed for this system so that it can be tailored to the specific needs of health care provider and/or government agencies.

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