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Investing in corporate learning is the surefire way to succeed for a business seeking to lead the competition in its industry. 41.7% of global Fortune 500 companies used eLearning technology during formal learning hours in one year. Powersoft19 offers eLearning solutions that stimulate business growth via performance enhancement and user engagement. Our integrated corporate learning solutions are truly state of the art with a focus on interactivity, online availability, and mobile compatibility.

With collaborative technologies, eLearning solutions offer immense possibilities. The eLearning training program will liberate your organization of the huge costs incurred in training new resources with each hiring. According to the National Research Business Institute, 23 percent of employees leave for lack of development opportunities and training. You can ensure an accelerated employee induction and retention with innovative eLearning options. From employees’ perspective, eLearning offers better knowledge retention as they can set the pace of learning and access the training material whenever and wherever they need it.

Standardized training programs in the form of eLearning courses ensure that the quality of training is best suited for organizational goals and different learning requirements. Finally, the good news for environmentally aware companies is that eLearning courses consume an average of 90% less energy and produce 85% fewer CO2 emissions per student than conventional face-to-face courses. 77% of USA companies are already offering online corporate training to improve the professional development of their employees. Now is the time that you too join these forward thinking companies to ensure your business growth.

Organizational Benefits

Learners’ Benefits

eLearning Development Process


The best learning experiences are realized when we strike a balance among the quality of training content, appropriate delivery method, and learners’ engagement. Powersoft19 eLearning services aim to make every learning experience the most memorable for both trainer and learner. Our services have the best in store for organizations that are passionate about growing through learning.

Content Development

Just like each organization’s business operations, products, and services are unique, so are the learning needs of their employees. We work together with our clients to identify these needs by knowing about their company’s vision for personnel development, values, and norms. With this close understanding, we produce customized eLearning experience for their employees.

2D Animation

Animations make the training easier to grasp, engaging, and fun for everyone. As much as learners enjoy watching animated objects and models, we love creating them. A play on typography, product image, or a friendly character on the screen bring life to the virtual learning experience.


We bring the virtual learning experience closer to real life with 3D simulations. We recommend 3D simulations for situations where the learners need to know the details of a system or learn about hazardous systems/products. If you are wondering how to show intricate details of a technical system, a tedious process, or a precise model, then 3D simulations are your best choice. The realistic experience of the 3D world prepares the learners for their upcoming job even better than that’s possible with a face to face training.

Device Agnostic, LMS Compliant Apps

Now you don’t have to hire employees with only iOS or Android devices to fit your training program. Powersoft19 eLearning solutions work seamlessly across all major smart devices and learning management systems. We develop training by following SCORM (Shareable Content Object Reference Model) to give our clients flexibility of selecting any Learning Management System for their training project.

Learning Platforms Consultancy

Studies indicate that 74% of companies currently use an LMS for managing and maintaining their eLearning programs. Powersoft19 eLearning team brings valuable hands-on experience of incorporating eLearning and trainings across various learning platforms. We offer free consultancy to our clients who are not sure of which Learning Management System (LMS) to use. We will guide you in deciding you whether to pay for an LMS, use an open source, get it hosted or deployed, among many others considerations. We help our clients in selecting the best Learning Management System that meets their organizational needs, learners’ skills, and the budget of the eLearning project.

LMS Selection Criteria


The organizational needs of training employees may vary for a manufacturing, services, or retail business. But, one thing is guaranteed that all businesses benefit from having trained and knowledgeable teams working for them.

Product Training

Technical trainings focus on illustrating the intricate details of a specific product. For situations where providing details and step by step depiction are important, eLearning comes in handy to meet these needs. Technical trainings provide the learner with the option to pace and repeat the training for maximum retention.

Businesses with an intricate technical process or system that needs explanation for proper operation benefit from system training to ensure the quality of employee performance.

Micro Training

Micro trainings are a perfect solution for busy learners who can’t spare big chunks of their time for training. We develop super-easy trainings of up to 5 minutes length for these busy audiences. The compact yet complete micro trainings address the needs of learning some specific skill or acquiring information when and as needed. For learners looking for an in-depth training, multiple micro trainings can be produced to fulfill the advanced learning needs.

Customer Training

When a product is released, an organization is eager to make sure that their customers know how to benefit most from their new product. Customer training is an excellent way of introducing an innovative or new product to the customers. Such trainings provide an organization the opportunity to open a dialog with their clients and ask for their feedback about the product during or after the training.

Employee Training

Employee induction into a new job is the first interaction of an employee and the company with each other. If this experience is made effortless and enjoyable, it can be the first step towards a pleasant relationship between employee and the company.

Your organization may have some specific rules that you want to be understood and followed by the new employee. On the other hand, there may be certain cultural values that your current employees may want to share with their new colleague. An employee induction training yields best result when it is well thought-out and incorporates input from various levels of organization, i.e., from CEO, top management, line managers, and the helping staff. The induction trainings designed by Powersoft19 make your new employee feel warmly welcomed and well educated about the organization.

Few people actually read and understand company policies before selecting ‘I accept’ at the bottom of the page. However, if you convey your company’s policies through an interesting training video, the policy understanding and employee engagement will improve.

Producing your company’s safety and compliance training via digital media is the best way to show that your organization truly cares about its employees and safeguards them during their job. Comprehensive safety training improves the staff morale and reduces the risks to workforce and property. Providing safety training via eLearning makes it easier to keep the content updated according to the frequently changing safety standards.

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